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What is Bucky?

Bucky is an edTech toy. Its functioning is cemented in self-directed learning. With Bucky, children will learn the foundations of robotics, programming and the Internet of Things (IoT). Bucky is designed to scaffold the development of computational and mathematical thinking, as well as problem solving skills and maker abilities.

Maker Mindset

Building robots not only allows kids to create programs than affect the physical world, it motivates and teaches them to have an active role in it's transformation. Our learning model incites that practical creativity required to generate solutions outside of the economical canon.

Device + App + Web Portal
Self learning
Low cost
Internet Of Things

Kids receive an open IoT system which they can use to make other projects.

Our circuit integrates a new dual core IoT microprocessor, recently launched, with Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi. Just like Arduino is to microcontrollers or Raspberry is to computers, Bucky is to the Internet of Things.


Reducing the tech gap and easing technological and scientific education access.

There is a growing lag in developing countries that gradually have less capacity to acquire and implement this kind of education, with other more costly and exclusive platforms available in the market.

Specially women suffer this bias that separates and distances them from "male oriented" careers from an early age. Careers like engineering or sciences.

Processes and materials

This project involved the work and design of electronics, systems and industrial engineers, as well as illustrators, graphic designers, pedagogues and communicologists; composing a truly multidisciplinary team.

The case is made out of a biodegradable plastic obtained from corn. All electronics are produced lead free.

Testing and
(Unity, C, HTML)
and circuits

Bucky's case is inspired on the buckminsterfullereno, a carbon structure recently discovered by nanotechnology researchers.


Programs are generated with Flowde, a visual programming interface that allows the merging of functions of the tablet, the robot and web service in a simple and intuitive manner. This merge fosters the child’s development of computational thinking.

Flowde program
Nous charactes: Magui, Charlie, Sofía and Alan
User experience

In the app, children have a playful experience, similar to a video game. The app tells the story of Bucky and other characters that break gender and socio-economical prejudices. Magui, for example, is a Mexican gamer girl who programs video games.


In the web portal the Nous community can share experiences and resources. Children will be able to upload projects that they made themselves and coaches (parents and teachers) will be able to download content such as activities and learning guides.

Nous web portal for kids
Lego car

Published by: Magui


Published by: Alan

Spider Bucky

Published by: Sofía

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Nous is an education division of Baud, a multidisciplinary design team focused on applying technology creatively as a drive for social change. We develop projects with electronics, robotics, multimedia, software and the Internet of Things to empower the community with technology, serving as a catalyist of a new economy and culture.

Nous pilots

We thank the support we've received from CONACYT (National Council of Science and Technology) and Art Center de México.

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