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This is a new version of Bucky, the educational toy with which children learn basics of robotics, programming and the Internet of Things (IoT), designed to be easy to use, with almost no infraestructure, improved form factor and functionality.


It allows the development of computational and mathematical thinking and also problem solving and maker skills in a fun way.

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Easy programming, for everyone

Bucky is programmed through an app in which a visual language is used, Flowde. With it, kids can combine sensors and actuators of Bucky, the tablet or smartphone and IoT functions, all along with math and logic operations. 

The app is connected to Bucky using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and to the internet with WiFi with which Bucky can be connected to more than 600 web services like social media, weather forecasts, smart lightbulbs or virtual assistants.

Flowde program

The app tells the story of Bucky and other characters that inspire kids into STEAM, breaking gender and socioeconomic prejudices. Magui, for instance, is a latin maker girl that codes for a living. She knows Charly and Sofia, and the scientist Alan, who will see their lives changed after discovering Bucky.

You can connect alligator clips to Bucky and make many surfaces sensible to your touch. It can even be connected to fruits, copper tape, conductive ink to receive signals.  It is also possible to connect other types of sensors, and it can also be programmed to act as a keyboard to control videogames or other educational software on a computer via USB.


Bucky can control up to 4 servomotors or continous motors, controlling their speed and direction or position depending on what type is used.

Bucky can be customized with 3D printed skins that change its appearance or that add functionality. Perhaps you want to make it look like your favorite character or to be able to connect to pieces of a particular building platform. Through the app, there are some rewards that consist of STL file of hidden skins that can be 3D printed and added to Bucky.


Our curriculum is focused on developing problem solving skills using robotics, programming and the Internet of Things. It has a social angle framed within the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.




Bucky allows you to build robots using commercial building platforms or even cardboard and other easy-to-get materials. Schools can take advantage of previous investments in materials and also develops maker skills such as identifying and reusing resources. 




IFTTT (If This Then That) is a platform that connects more than 600 web services. With it, Bucky can react or activate functions on Twitter, Google Drive, the weather forecast and other home automation devices like smart lightbulbs and plugs, without nothing else than WiFi.


Technological revolutions are coming, and they will change the world deeply. Children must develop skills that allow them to solve problems in the future.


The Sustainable Development Goals are objectives that the United Nations agreed to solve by 2030. These objectives conform a new global agenda.

The 17 SDG are focused on topics such as poverty, climate change and responsible consumption.


We want to ease the access to STEAM education. There are many technology access gaps that are being broaden because of the requirements of technology programs that are not easy to implement at the average school. In particular, women suffer gender biases that pushes them away from "masculine" STEM careers.

Bucky X

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During our crowdfunding campaign we financed the donation of robotics kits to latinamerican foundations that support STEAM education in Mexico.

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